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Whether we realize it or not, our dogs are being trained every time we interact with them. Sometimes, our interaction leads to behavior that we like such as a pup who will sit patiently while waiting for dinner. But often, without being aware of it, we encourage our dogs to perform the very behaviors that we consider unruly like jumping on people or not coming when called.

At The Canine Perspective, we teach our clients how to develop wanted behavior and extinguish unwanted behavior by giving or withholding positive reinforcement at appropriate times. Once you are aware of how your actions influence your dog's behavior, you will be able to communicate clearly and training will move forward with steady progression.

We all have different goals for our dog training. If you have a new puppy, need basic obedience for an unruly adult dog, are interested in Canine Good Citizen® certification, hope to participate in competition obedience, film or print work, or simply want to build a stronger bond with your pet, I will be happy to speak with you and develop a personalized training program to meet your needs.

The Canine Perspective LLC, is located in Millstone Twp, NJ and serves Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties. We offer training at our location or will travel to you for in home sessions. Telephone consultations and group seminars are also available.

For further information, please call 732-616-3328 or use my Contact Form.

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